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To Our Valued Customer:

This year we are again offering several options for your home heating needs. The standard fixed price plan is still the option that most customers are familiar with. In addition, we are offering the capped program as well as the budget capped program. We as a company believe that one of the capped programs offers the best protection against both rising and falling markets. The fees collected for these programs help offset the cost of buying price protection. We know that these plans differ from what we have offered in the past, but the variables that are driving the fuel industry today demand that we take a position to make prudent decisions which benefit both of us.

Some general terms apply to all, but there are some specific terms about each plan – so please read carefully.

The Price Cap Protection Plan

With the recent surge in oil prices and market volatility there is a significant potential for oil to go up or down. With the Price Cap Protection Plan, Tobash Home Heating Inc. commits to buying oil on your behalf and at the same time buys the cap to protect against a price increase while providing downside protection in case oil prices fall. By doing this we are then able to sell oil to you, the customer, at a price that can’t go higher but can and will go lower if the wholesale price of oil drops. At this point you will essentially be buying oil at our daily and most competitive price below the cap. The premium that we pay for this cap passes on to the customer in the form of a hedge fee or membership fee and is required to enroll in the cap price program.

Another attractive feature of the price cap is that we can now budget your payments. Many people may have difficulty paying for all their oil up front as is necessary for the fixed program. With the budget cap, energy costs can be divided over twelve months to allow a more consistent cost for heating your home. This convenience can give you peace of mind, knowing what you will pay every month. If there is a credit at the end of the budget season, it can be applied to the following year’s budget and if there is a balance it can also be worked into next year’s budget payments.

The two plans work as follows:

  • Available to residential customers with a zero balance, a credit balance, and new customers (Commercial customers must call for a price quote)
  • A Non-Refundable fee must be sent in to register
  • Budget Payments start in July and are due by the 10th of each month
  • This program will start September 1st and runs throughout the entire year ending August 31st
  • Taxable accounts will be billed as deliveries are made
  • Each delivery will be billed at the capped price or the daily price, whichever is lower
  • Budget payments must be received on time or you will be disqualified from the budget cap program and forfeit your fee
  • This plan is for customers who want downside protection, can pay all at once, and don’t want to worry about a bill each month
  • A Non-Refundable fee must be sent in to register
  • Payment of capped gallons are due in full by August 31st
  • Each delivery will be billed at the capped price or the daily price, whichever is lower
  • Taxable accounts must remit sales tax separately at time of payment
  • The program will begin September 1st and ends May 31st
  • After all capped gallons have been delivered any additional gallons will be billed at the daily street price

Priced Cap Program

The Fixed Price Plan is available to all customers with a zero balance, a credit balance, and to new customers. Payment of fixed gallons is due in full by August 31st. The fixed price will not change regardless of the daily prices. Taxable accounts must remit sales tax separate at time of payment. 

Please also see General Terms below:


As always, we also deliver oil at a competitive daily street price for customers not interested in a fixed or capped program. A five cent per gallon discount will be given for all deliveries when the invoice is paid within 10 days of the delivery, but only if the account does not maintain an unpaid balance. 

This discount applies to deliveries made whether on an automatic or will-call basis. The 5 cent per gallon discount does not apply to deliveries made under the capped, budget capped, or fixed programs.

Budget customers are also welcome. Please contact our office to work out a monthly budget amount for the coming year.

  • All contracts must be signed and will be effective upon payment.
  • No Minimum amount is required
  • Deliveries can be made either automatically or on a will-call basis. PLEASE indicate your preference on your contract form.
  • Price protection for the FIXED and CAPPED PROGRAMS ends on May 31st
  • After all pre-purchased fixed and capped gallons have been delivered; any additional gallons will be billed at our daily street price
  • If all pre-purchased gallons are not used by May 31st – a monetary credit will remain on your account. Money can only be refunded in the event of sale of the home or death of the homeowner
  • Lock-in credit is not transferable except within multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts, you must send a contract for each location.
  • A fee will be deducted from the credit balance on May 31st that is equal to the cost of liquidating those gallons bought under the fixed agreement – if fuel is purchased at a lower price or from another supplier during the contract period.


24-Hour Emergency Service

Tobash Home Heating, Inc. offers the convenience of a 24/7 Emergency Service to accommodate a customer in the event of any unfortunate home heating problem. 

Our service staff is equipped with a wide variety of replacement parts, should an oil furnace or boiler malfunction need to be repaired immediately.
Call 570-366-1972 to sign up if you want one of the home heating plans.
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