Annual Cleaning

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Protect Your Home With an Annual System Clean

Far too many people simply let their burners run without cleaning until there is a problem. Not only is this costly, but it can also be dangerous. When a burner isn't regularly cleaned and serviced, soot can build up in the flue passageways. This will act as insulation to air or water that the boiler is trying to heat.

A neglected oil burner can even reach a point where it is completely blocked with soot, which can cause dangerous fumes to enter the home instead of being filtered out through the chimney. For these reasons, it's recommended that you schedule a detailed cleaning and tune-up with the best once a year. Emergency service is also available.

Cleaning Can Save You Money

An uncleaned heating system can mean that heating cycles will take longer, burning more oil to bring the unit up to temperature. Because this increases the running time, there's a significantly higher potential for system failure. Nozzles, filters, and screens can clog after years of use without change, leading to the need for an emergency service.

Find out more about our heating maintenance services before you reach out to Tobash Home Heating Inc. Competitive prices are available on heating system cleaning, repair, and maintenance work.

What's Involved in a Cleaning?

During cleaning, we change nozzles, filters, and pump screens as well as clean, inspect for wear, and reset burner along with igniters. We will oil the motors, open the unit, and brush the vacuum soot away to restore efficiency. The stove pipe will be taken down and cleaned and the base of the chimney will be cleaned.

We'll check your chimney visually for proper draft before reassembling your unit, testing your safety switch, and setting it for the highest efficiency, just as it was when it was new. Annual cleanings reduce emergency calls during the winter and provide you with the comfort of knowing your home heating system is safe and running properly.
Call 570-366-1972 to get us out for your annual cleaning today. Same-day service is available.
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