Annual Cleaning

The importance of an annual oil burner cleaning cannot be stressed enough. Too many people would rather let their burners run until there is a problem. This is NOT only costly – but can also be DANGEROUS. When an oil burner is not cleaned and serviced periodically, soot builds up in the flue passage ways. This acts just like insulation to the water or air that the boiler is trying to heat and the longer it is left go – the worse it gets!

Heating cycles take longer, which means more oil will be burned to bring the unit up to temperature. Along with longer running time, there is a significantly higher potential for a system failure. Nozzles, filters, and screens can clog after years of use without being changed which will eventually lead to an emergency service call.

Most importantly though is SAFETY. A neglected oil burner can reach a point where it is completely blocked with soot, causing dangerous fumes to enter the home instead of going out though the chimney. For all of these reasons, it is highly recommended to schedule a cleaning and tune up once a year.

What is an Annual Cleaning?

An annual cleaning and service involves many steps to ensure the safety and reliability of your home heating equipment. Nozzles, filters, and pumps screens are changed. The burner and igniters are cleaned, inspected for wear, and reset. Motors are oiled. The unit is opened, brushed, and vacuumed of all soot to restore efficiency. The stove pipe is taken down and cleaned. The base of the chimney is cleaned and the chimney is checked both visually and for proper draft. The unit is then reassembled, the safety switch tested, and set for the highest efficiency – the way it was when it was new.

An annual cleaning greatly reduces emergency calls during the winter and provides a comforting feeling – knowing that your home heating system is safe and running properly.

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