If your home heating system isn’t working – there are a few steps you can take before calling:


1. Check your thermostat. Set the thermostat several degrees higher than the room temperature. This should start the heater or your circulator if you have a hydronic system.

2. Make sure the emergency switch is on. This is usually located at the top of the basement stairs or on a wall near the unit.

3. Check the fuses and circuit breakers. Make sure there are no blown fuses in the panel or that the circuit breaker for the heater is not tripped.

4. Check the gauge on the oil tank – If the gauge is extremely low or is registering empty you may be out of oil. Gauges are usually right. Tapping on the tank will not prove you are out of oil because a tank will give a hollow sound even if it is half full.

5. Reset the primary control. This switch is a red button on a gray box mounted on the oil burner itself. Push the button only ONE TIME.

6. If the heater/oil burner/furnaceĀ still does not start – It may not run at all or it may run a short time and shut off. In either case, DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON AGAIN. Home heating oil can build up in the combustion chamber by repeatedly pushing the button and create a dangerous situation when the burner does light. Call our service department at 570-366-1972 and we will send a service technician to your home. Our home heating oil customers receive 24 hours emergency service.

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